10 Best Free Online Phonics Games

Online phonics games is a website dedicated to help teachers and parents make learning to read fun by using online phonics games and other interactive online phonics resources. There are lots of paid resources online for phonics but my site is a collection of the very best free online phonics games that I can find. It is also a collection of the best online phonics songs and helps to answer the question I get asked most by parents, ‘what is phonics?!’. We also have an online phonics glossary to help you learn your digraph’s from your grapheme’s.  If you know of anymore online phonics games that you think should be included, please do let me know by getting in touch on our contact page so I can test them out!

*NOTICE TO SCHOOLS – You do not need to ask my permission to link to my website!

 1) Find the Phonics Sound Game:


Phonics Difficulty: Easy

Best for: Sound recognition.

How to play: Listen to which phonetic sound you have to find and click all the circles with that sound in.

‘Best game for beginners’

2) Phonics Picture Matching:


Phonics Difficulty: Hard

Best for: Word comprehension.

How to play: Drag the correct word to the picture and watch as each word is sounded out and blended together if you get the answer right!

‘They have an ‘easy’ version of this game too with just 1 picture to match’

3) Deep Sea Phonics

Deep sea phonics.JPG

Phonics Difficulty: Choose Easy, Medium or Hard

Best for: Spelling.

How to play: Listen to the word and pick sounds from the list displayed to spell the word.

‘The best spelling game I have found.’

4) Sound Buttoning Phonics Game:



Phonics Difficulty: Medium

Best for: Segmenting and blending.

How to play: An interactive way to practice sound buttoning skills. Drag the sound button underneath each letter. A dot is for single letter sounds, short line is a digraph, long line is a trigraph and the curve line is for a split digraph!

‘Only game of its kind for teaching sound buttoning’

5) Alien Words:


Phonics Difficulty: Hard

Best for: Pseudo words.

How to play: Read each word that appears on the screen. Drag real words into the book and alien/pseudo words to Albee for him to eat!

‘Great practice for the Phonics Screening Check’

7) Interactive Phonics Bingo:


Phonics Difficulty: Medium

Best for: Spelling.

How to play: Print off the bingo cards pdf and then ‘click’ pull to reveal new words, first one to complete their card wins!

‘Makes reading words fun and a whole class activity’

8) Phonics Hangman:


Phonics Difficulty: Medium

Best for: Segmenting and blending.

How to play: Look at the picture and drag the correct sound into the word to finish the word. Then watch as it gets sounded out and read back to you!

‘Love that the word is segmented and blended back to you’

9) Obb and Bob Phonics Game:


Phonics Difficulty: Medium

Best for: Pseudo words.

How to play: Click for a ‘snack’ and feed the alien words to Obb and the real words to Bob.

‘Another good game for practicing pseudo words.’

10) Pirate Phonics Spelling:


Phonics Difficulty: Choose Easy, Medium or Hard

Best for: Spelling.

How to play: Listen to the word and pick from the choice of sounds to spell the word.

‘Another great spelling game.’

Do you have an online phonics game you would like to see here? Get in touch through our contact page.

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