Phonics Songs

Below is a list of the best phonics songs and phonics videos that I have found on YouTube. I often use these video’s with my students. Some of the phonics videos are too long to use in the classroom but they have some good bits, if this is the case I have highlighted the time to go to.

‘The Phonics Alphabet’

The phonics alphabet is a fantastic idea where the letters of the alphabet have been replaced by the sounds that the letters make. Many teachers argue we should teach the phonetic sound of each letter before we teach the letter names, so this is a great fun way of doing so!

* This video is also available self hosted on the website if your school does not allow YouTube.



‘Phonics Song 2’

Phonics song 2 is a remake of the hugely popular Phonics Song by ABC Kid TV. Sung to the same tune but with improved graphics this video goes through the alphabet and gives word examples for each letter. I don’t like the fact that ‘q’ is not labelled as ‘qu’ which is its correct phonetic spelling, but with capital and lower case examples it is a great video for early phonics learners.